Home Desk – Final Paint and Assembly

We have finally made it, the home desk is complete. From the initial plans, cutting the legs and frame, the frame assembly, the drawer frame, and finally inset drawers, it has been a fairly in depth project. But now we’re on to the last step, final paint and assembly. This should be the easy part, so let’s hop right in.

As always, the design expert, Allyson, came in at this point in the project and chose the paint color. This meant 11 paint samples examined in different lighting over 2-3 days, obviously.

All of the color options laid out on the desk.

In the end, Allyson chose to go with Anonymous from Sherwin Williams. Before putting the chosen paint on the desk, I started with a layer of primer. I had an old can of tinted primer from a previous project, which worked for about 60% of the desk before I ran out and had to switch to white primer that we also had sitting around.

First coat going on the desk top.
Painting inside because it decided to snow like 18″.

I had to fill in the pocket holes in the back of the desk with dowels. Even though they are mostly hidden, adding the dowels keeps the finish as clean as possible. I completely forgot to document this work, but it’s something I’ve talked about before while building a dining table. With a small amount of spackle added to clean up some divots, it was time to put on the final paint.

Even with the primer, I needed to put two coats on everything for full coverage.

First coat complete, with a couple of additional spackle touch ups.

It’s always disappointing when painting takes multiple coats. It’s honestly my least favorite part of the project. But getting to see the final product after paint and assembly is pretty special.


Thanks for following along on the home desk build that occurred 11 months into the pandemic. It was a fun project and I’m really happy with how the final product turned out. I’ll call this one my most professional looking build thus far.

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