Home Desk – Frame Assembly

Home Desk – Frame Assembly

The table frame and legs are cut and obviously very classy. Now I can start to see the table take shape. All of the joints in the table frame assembly consist of pocket hole screws. Each of the legs will have the frame screwed into it and then I’ll add stretcher supports in the front.

I marked each plywood piece of the table that I cut out to designate the pocket hole locations. This ensured that the pocket holes were on the inside of the table so that they stayed hidden. It also allowed me to drill every pocket hole right away. I couldn’t wait until after the frame assembly was built because I would lose access to most edges.

There is a lot of labeling on the plywood so that I make the pocket holes in the correct locations.

Part of the original design called for adding “picture framing” around the framing on the sides of the table. Essentially adding wood to the borders of the side to class up the joint. I did inset the frame on the legs to leave room for this framing, even though I’m not sure if I’ll include it in the final design. I laid out some 1×2” scrap pieces and set the plywood on top of it. That made the spacing perfect while I attached the plywood to the legs.

Old 1×2″ spacers under the plywood to leave space for the final side trimming, if I end up adding that feature.

I repeated the same process with the other side, and then it was time for the back. Once again, I set the back plywood up on spacers and screwed it to the legs. I think there are times where working alone presents difficulties in assembly, because you always want additional hands to hold things in place. Obviously clamps help, but they are sometimes hard to get in the right place. Not to mention that I never have enough clamps. In this case though, I was able to clamp the leg to my workbench and then hold the plywood in place while screwing it in. 

The clamp acted as my shop assistant for this assembly process.

After I attached the first side of the desk, I did the same thing with the second side.

I can almost see the finished product now.

Throw some plywood on top and it is all done!

Functional desk! A couple more weekends of work and it will be more functional and look a bit better.

Just kidding! It is a pretty sad, although functional, desk at this point. As with most of my projects, I just ran out of time over the weekend. So I brought the desk in for a week of use and then worked on it again the next weekend. The next steps are to get the drawer frames attached and add some nice touches to clean up the plywood edges.

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