Outdoor Fire Table – Final Wrap-Up

Outdoor Fire Table – Final Wrap-Up

It’s the final wrap-up, duh duh do do… Seriously though, the outdoor fire table is just about complete. My last post captured the build of the wood table top. So all that remains is to put support in place for the concrete insert, add the metal table legs, put it all together and light it up. Once that is all complete there will be nothing preventing me from eating s’mores at my new outdoor fire table.

First up, concrete insert supports. As you’ll see later in the post, the concrete insert actually spans from table leg to table leg. But I wanted to give it a little bit of extra support, so I added wood supports to the table top. 

The supports leave room at each end for the table legs to overhang the insert gap.

I used scrap 2×6” cedar to span the length of the insert and provide some additional support to the heaviest part of the table. Pretty simple.

The next step was to add the metal table legs. These table legs were bought from Symmetry Hardware in Portland, OR. It is always a great thing when we can buy a quality product from a small business and this small business crushed it. The legs were extremely easy to assemble using the parts they provided. After assembling the legs, I flipped the table top upside down and attached it to the legs. The first step was to mark the location of where the legs needed to go to be centered.

Simple marks made lining up the table legs quick and easy.

Those marks made it very easy to get everything aligned square and centered. As an added bonus, the legs came with plenty of holes for attaching directly to the tabletop via screws. All I had to do was pre-drill each location and then attach top to the legs.

I made sure to get attachment screws that went about 3/4″ into the table top.

The legs look absolutely fantastic, even on our mediocre patio (future project?)

Ignore the bad patio and mess in the background, the table looks fantastic!

Now it was time to add the concrete insert and the fire pit. Luckily, my measurements were pretty much spot on, so with some minor sanding of the tabletop and the concrete insert, everything slid into place smoothly.

Adding the concrete insert and fire pit portion really completes it. I love the mixing of different materials!
Absolutely beautiful in the setting Sun.

You know what time it is now…S’mores time! We couldn’t wait to get it all fired up and it certainly delivered. While it isn’t as warm as a normal fire pit, it does provide some warmth. All of the heat is above the waist and we can’t keep the flames too tall, but it works perfectly for the spring/summer/fall nights here in Colorado. Exactly what I wanted for our outdoor fire table. Now I can’t wait to have people over to use it!

Shining in its intended use, an excuse to make S’mores.

We ended up getting a glass windscreen from the same EasyFirePits.com that we got the insert from. It’s windy out here in Colorado and you’d be surprised how little wind it takes to make the fire go everywhere. This glass shield helps it stay in control and lets us keep the fire at a higher level.

The glass protector allows us to use the table much more frequently, not just when there is zero wind.

I think I say this after every project I complete, but this is definitely my best build to date. I’d even say it is high enough quality to sell for commission!

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