New Compost Bins

New Compost Bins

In the past, I have written about wanting to be better at composting. In that post, the focus was on paying better attention to the compost itself and getting compost quicker. What was not addressed at the time was the compost bins themselves. They were pretty mediocre looking.

Pretty gross. Also, just noticed the photo bomb from Allyson in the back.

They were free, made completely from scraps out of our old shed, so that is a big plus. But it is pretty obvious that an upgrade was needed. Enter SketchUp for the new design.

Once I had the initial design I didn’t bother building out the other side in the model.

Some key features of this updated design for the new compost bins:

  1. Built out of cedar for outdoor durability
  2. The front folds down from a hinge on the bottom for easy compost turning
  3. Completely mouse proof (fingers crossed)

The last feature was a key improvement. It is so difficult to keep compost moist out here in Denver that inevitably it ends up as a great home for mice. Not a huge deal for us, but something we want to avoid if we can. So I made sure to incorporate overlapping joints in this new design, meant to keep mice from entering at any of the joints. Then, the rest of the floor, walls, and top (not shown in the image) will have hardware cloth across it. I’m hopeful this will keep all of the mice out of the compost, but we will have to wait and see.

My goals on this project are to build it as cheaply as possible, while also improving the functionality and looks compared to our original bins. I hope you’ll enjoy following along as I walk through the details on how I accomplished those goals!

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