Outdoor Coffee Table – Final Assembly

Outdoor Coffee Table – Final Assembly

Well, after several posts about the table top and legs for the outdoor coffee table, it is finally time for the final assembly. There are just a few things to complete before pulling everything together. The most important part is to connect the top slats to the legs via a pin through each mortise and tenon joint. Holes were drilled through the leg mortises and the table top tenons that are aligned with one another. Oak pins go into those holes to hold the legs tightly to the table top slats. Last step in the final assembly is to stain everything.

Starting the final connection between table top and legs!

In my previous table build, there was a slight gap between the breadboard (end) and the table slats. I made a lot of effort to eliminate those gaps through a couple of measures. First and foremost, I was very precise in measuring the top slats and the tenons. Then, I made the holes in the leg mortises slightly offset from the table top tenons. This will pull the slats tight against table legs, although it does make it harder to drive the pins through.

Time for the flush cuts.

With a little bit of force with the mallet, I got all of the pins driven into the table top. I could then use the flush cut saw to cut the excess away from each pin. The oak pins are harder than the cedar legs and table top, so they can push the cedar out of the way when driving through. Also, I cut the pins to have pointed tips, which helped them make their way through the holes as well.

Table assembled and time to stain! We used the same clear stain from Sherwin-Williams as we used on the outdoor sectional. 

Ready for the final stain.

That’s it! Table done and outdoor seating area looking extremely welcoming. Nothing like celebrating with a warm cup of coffee while sitting outside!

Super proud of the final product!

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