Outdoor Sectional – Part IV – Backrest and Seat Slats

Outdoor Sectional – Part IV – Backrest and Seat Slats

In part IV of the outdoor sectional build, it is time to talk about the backrest and seat slat installation. Compared to the rest of the build, a fairly easy process. The best part was that at the end of it, I could sit my butt down on the sectional and enjoy the fruits of my labor! Not a bad reward for a day of work.

For the backrest and seat slats, I used 1×4 cedar. The slats for the back had to be cut with a slight, ~6°, angle to account for the corner of the backrest where the two sides meet. They also had to get incrementally shorter from top to bottom. My strategy for this was to first cut the longest piece to size. That way, if I made a mistake or realized that the angle was wrong, I could recut that piece and turn it into one of the lower slats. I also erred (did not know it was spelt like that) on the long side, knowing that I could trim the square edge to fit at the end.

Fancy circle showing where the back slats meet.

Once I got my miter saw set at the right angle and got all of the measurements figured out, it was quick to get everything cut. I used some old floor spacers to get uniform spacing between each row of slats. Before that though, I did a test with 4 small 1×4 pieces to figure out the correct spacing. Then, to attach the slats, I clamped them in place and then used finishing nails. Those finishing nail holes will be easy to fill in with wood filler after installation.

My setup while attaching each slate with finishing nails. Also featuring a leftover piece from my test fit of all four slats.

The seating slats were much simpler. No fancy angles to cut. The only special piece here is that I attached the seat slats to 1×4 boards next to the 2×4 seat supports. So the seats can actually be removed if the necessity ever arises. Again, I used old floor spacers to get even spacing on the seating. And with that, the woodworking portion of the build was complete! All that is left is to stain and get all of the cushions and pillows made for it.

Allyson enjoying the new seating arrangement. Probably need a table…

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