Outdoor Sectional – Part II

Outdoor Sectional – Part II

After last week’s post on design, it is time for the fun stuff! Cutting long pieces of wood into shorter pieces of wood and then attaching them to one another! This week we get into the actual building of the outdoor sectional for our front porch. 

To begin, I had to build two different rectangular boxes with supports that would serve as the long and short seating areas on the outdoor sectional. I’ve learned over the course of other projects that a key to building rectangles square (that’s not confusing at all) is to make sure the sides are exactly the same length. It makes assembling with square corners much easier. To achieve that for the seating areas, I used my new miter saw stand and a stop block to cut every support exactly the same length.

The new miter saw stand has been an amazing addition to my shop!

After cutting the long sides, the short sides, and all of the supports, I could assemble each seat. The front of the seats and supports are 2x4s, and the backs are 2x6s. I used outdoor glue, pre-drilled, and put screws through the long sides of the seats into the short sides and supports. Eventually the front of the seats will be covered with a 2×6, hiding all of the assembly screws. The backs will be covered with another 2×4 to hide the screws. 

Long section of seating in progress.

Next up, the sides of the sectional. These are large boxes that serve as both the legs and the armrests of the sectional. To begin, I built 2 identical rectangles out of 2x4s, using stop blocks on the miter saw to make sure they were the same lengths and square. Again, I used glue and screws to build these with as much strength as possible.

Next, I cut 2x6s to cover both rectangles. The ends have 45° angles for the miter joints, for a cleaner finished look. I attached them from the inside of the rectangles using screws. The screws will eventually be hidden by 1×4 slats placed on the sides of the sectional.

One outer 2×6 attached to the 2×4 box for the side of the seats.
One completed side!

With both sides done, I could attach the two seats together and attach them to the side. I cut a bunch of 2×6 legs the same length to prop up the seats while attaching them to the sides. This helped me make the entire base level and the same height on both sides. After attaching the sides, I moved the 2×6 legs to provide extra supports near the 90° connection between the two sections of seating.

Attaching the sides with screws from the inside of the seat. Notice the 2×6 legs to keep things level.
Starting to look like something that could support my big butt!

Not bad for about one day of work! Next week I’ll walk through building the backrest. 

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