Outdoor Sectional – Part 1

Outdoor Sectional – Part 1

For the past few years that we have lived in our house, our outdoor furniture has been pretty lackluster. We have a couple of uncomfortable metal chairs that were hand-me-downs from my grandma. In addition, we have a couple of cheap plastic chairs that were left in the backyard by the previous owner. Surprisingly, these are actually really comfortable. We’ve even brought them to use during fireworks shows (in the before times). Regardless, it was time to upgrade to something bigger and better: an outdoor sectional.

The local design expert, Allyson, found a really straightforward design online from Real Cedar. It is an L-shaped sectional that fit what we were looking for perfectly. 

Real Cedar’s outdoor sectional, mostly hidden by pillows and other junk.

The design from Real Cedar came with SketchUp plans, which made it a simple choice to go with their design. We initially planned to use their design and edit the size to match our front porch. After measuring everything, it ended up being a perfect fit, no editing required!

Design picked; next step, cut list! This is a key step in any successful project. A cut list obviously makes the cutting of the wood easier later on, and it helps you optimize the lumber that you are buying, saving money. With the lumber shortages currently occurring, plus using 100% cedar, it was worth it to try and be as efficient as possible.

Cut list generation. Notice the calculator, as my phone calculator was uninstalled mysteriously.

We have found a really nicely priced lumber yard located in the city. It has made picking up all of the wood for this project relatively painless and fairly affordable. This is especially true when they don’t have the 8′ lumber you ordered and decide to give you 12′ for the same price.

Keep an eye out for the next post where we get into the fun stuff: cutting long wood into short wood and then assembling it back into bigger wood!

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