French Cleat Storage – Clamp Holder

Last week I described how I built a new french cleat storage system for my workshop. One of the main selling points of a french cleat system is the ability to build custom storage holders specific to my needs. My first custom storage system is a clamp holder.

Prior to this, I didn’t really have a great place to store my clamps. They were stored in my garage on a few nails. Not exactly an ideal system, especially because most of my building work occurs in the workshop. With the french cleat system, it was extremely easy to rectify that situation.

The design of these clamp holders is fairly straight forward. It consists of 4 right triangles attached to a rectangular backing. I cut the points off of the triangles to soften the edges and make them a bit safer as I’m moving around the workshop.

I measured my clamps to get a feel for how long I needed the triangle to stick out from the wall. After that I marked out the design on my ¾” plywood for the holder.

Sweet soccer socks!

I ended up building two sets of clamp holders. One for my larger clamps and one for my smaller clamps. They went through the same design and build process. I made sure to build them with space to expand as I get more clamps in the future. 

I wanted to make sure that the pieces of the clamp holder were all identical. To help do that, I taped the two rectangles together. 

Taped up to make them identical.

With them taped I could cut the diagonal with my miter saw and end up with 4 identical pieces. I kept them taped together in groups of two to complete the squaring off of the triangle tips. I sanded the squared off edges after cutting them as well, to knock down the sharp corners.

Smaller holder ready for the squaring of the triangle tips.

The second to last step in this process was to secure the holders to the ½” plywood backing. Leftover floor spacers gave the perfect spacing to make sure the holders were spaced properly, and they made sure that everything was wide enough for the clamps.

Almost done!

I secured the triangles to the back of the holder with glue and pin nails to hold everything in place. For a low weight system this was plenty. Finally, the last step was to add a section of cleat which slots into the cleats already on the wall.


Finished! Not a great potato phone photo at the end, but the holder has already been fantastic. It’s even turned into a holder for my hammers and a couple squares. Not bad for a couple hours of work.

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