Dining Table Build – Table Base

We are chugging along in the dining table build. Last week covered building the table legs, and this week will cover building the rest of the table base and attaching the table top to the base. 

The base itself was fairly quick and easy to build. Using 2”x6” boards for the outside runners, and 2”x4” boards for the perpendicular supports, I built a rectangular frame for the table top.

Simple design from SketchUp

I used pocket hole screws to both build the frame and attach it to the table legs. I only glued the inner perpendicular supports to the table legs. I do not have any experience with building something like this, but I left the outside supports unglued to allow them to expand and contract across their width. Since the piece is only 5½” wide, the wood movement should be small enough to not cause any issues within the support.

This is when it all started to become vaguely table like.

The next step was to figure out how to attach the base to the table top while still allowing for that pesky companion, wood movement. Apparently I am not the first human to ever build a table, so there are some cool pieces of hardware that make this a lot easier. Meet the figure 8 fastener. 

This fastener is essentially two washers connected together. Each of the holes is recessed on one side (opposite each other), allowing for the screw holding it in place to be set flush. When installing the fasteners, I used a forstner bit and chisel to create a recess in the table top base that allows for the fastener to “swing” as the table top expands and contracts. 

This didn’t have to be cleanly done, as it is covered by the table top in final assembly.
It was really hard to get those arrows to align perfectly when I took the photo.

Because the table is ~8’ long and there could be up to 1” of wood movement, I made sure to allow for enough movement when recessing the figure 8 fasteners. After getting all of the fasteners installed, I did a test fit of the table base to the table top and marked where everything would be attached in final assembly. The next step is to pack it all up and assemble it on-site at my friend’s house in Fort Collins!

So close!!!!

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