Goal Setting – Update

Well, I figure it is about time I wrote an update regarding goals I set last fall. This feels like it is several months late, but better late than never. In that post, I laid out two different goals for myself using the SMART principles. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound.

I think it is fairly obvious to say that I did not meet my time-bound goals, but let’s revisit them now and see how I am doing. 

Goal #1 – Weight loss

My original goal was to lose weight and get down to 165-170 lbs. I specifically laid out that my goal was to lose 2lb/week until I hit 160 lbs. At that point I would try to put back on some muscle weight. Since I wrote that post about 28 weeks ago I obviously got down to 160 lbs without any problems. And it would make sense that I’m back up to 165 or 170 as muscular as can be.

Nope. This was a pretty big fail. I did a really really poor job of exercising consistently. I also ate pretty poorly. I have some of the worst coworkers. They kept bringing in miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups, knowing FULL WELL that I don’t have any self control. I believe I actually gained weight, up to around 182 from 173 lbs. Not great.

Writing that out feels pretty terrible, not going to lie. How did I go in the opposite direction of my goal? Luckily, I did start to realize the error of my ways and rededicated myself to exercising and eating better. It really helped that I moved work locations which helped me get out of an environment that tested my self control. I also started to exercise every single day after work, no excuses. I’m happy to say I’m back down to 176 lbs and my body fat percentage has dropped about 8%. I still have a long way to go though, and so it’s important to stay focused. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home during all of this Covid-19 pandemic, so that means exercising every day after working from home. I’ve been running a lot, and I will continue to do so. My new-time bound portion of this goal is going to be 1lb/week and I’m going to add an update every week to help keep my goals front and center.

Goal #2

This goal focused on making my workshop fully functional. Specifically, I laid out that I wanted to have the drywall installed, floor complete, ceiling done, and workbenches built by the end of 2019. Considering it is now April of 2020, I definitely had enough time to get all of that done right?

Yup. Much better news regarding this goal. Last year, Allyson and I worked really hard to finish the drywall installation, install the new floor, and finish the shiplap ceiling. I even completed my first workbench recently! Unfortunately, I was not great at capturing every project that I needed to complete in order to finish the workshop. After the drywall and floor installation, I had to install the trim on the floor, doors, and windows (post to come). I also forgot that I wanted to install faux beams to cover the functional 2×4 trusses. I’ve started this project, but have not finished it yet. After the faux beams I’ll have to put up some finishing trim around the ceiling and touch up some odds and ends. 

Even though I have a lot more to do in the workshop than I thought, I’m happy with how much I’ve accomplished. I always have to balance my project priorities. I just recently spent a month or so installing new fans and new lighting in some rooms in our house. I’ve also started to build a dining room table for our friends who moved to Colorado! These things were a little unexpected and have diverted some of my attention away from the workshop, but I love that I have the freedom to do them! My new goal will be to finish the faux beams by the end of May. That gives me time to finish the dining table and some time for the inevitable garden projects that arise during this time of year.

Setting goals and sticking to them is difficult. I went the wrong direction with one of my goals, but was able to accomplish most of the other one. For me, I’m going to focus on the positives and try to learn from my failure. So expect a small update on my weight loss goal every week until I hit it, as I try to increase my accountability. Hopefully this is a key for me meeting my goal. And if not, I’ll learn and adjust.

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