Collapsible Sawhorses

Fun fact, collapsible can be spelled collapsable. Which might explain why both spellings look incorrect to me. Ah English, so simple and straightforward.

Fun facts aside, today I want to talk about a quick and simple DIY build that I completed several weekends ago. Sawhorses are a must for most people doing DIY around the house, and I am ashamed that it took me almost 2 years in our house to build my own. I finally decided that working off of the ground was too much of a pain in the back (literally). Step one of getting up off of the ground was this sawhorse build. Step two will be building an actual workbench for my workshop. 

There are a ton of Youtube videos out there giving instructions on how to build your own sawhorses. I decided to follow the plans from Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Steve Ramsey runs this Youtube channel and it is full of fun, simple-to-follow videos for all sorts of home projects. In this case, his video and online plans for collapsible sawhorses were perfect for my needs. The fact that I can fit them against a wall is fantastic, and I was able to build two using only scrap wood left over from my old, terrible shed

Steve did a really good job with his video and plans, so there isn’t much for me to add. I will say that I shot a finishing nail through the dowels that the shelf is connected to permanently. These act as a sort of locking pin that will keep the shelf from sliding off. Just make sure you’re careful if you do something similar, as the nail gun could miss or shoot all the way through the dowel.

Mom was very proud.

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