Every Resource You Could Ever Need

What I would like to discuss today is best introduced in the form of a poem:

What do you do when you are missing a skill?
Where do you turn when you have some time to kill?

Do you ever want to escape your day to day routine,
get lost in a fantasy land or learn to make the very best poutine?

I encourage you to hop on your computer and complete a small query,
you’ll need to figure out the quickest path to your local library.

It is full of every resource you could ever imagine or seek;
books, DVDs, classes, and more, go ahead, take a peek.

Seriously y’all, wherever you live you should definitely figure out where your local library is located. Allyson and I are probably in our library at least every other week, stockpiling on books for fun, resource books to learn new skills, or even DVDs. Currently we are working our way through all of the seasons of 30 Rock, and it all is completely free. No need to get Disney+ or Hulu when all of the tv shows or movies you could want are available for free rental.

When we first bought our house, and I needed to learn how to rewire the house to add grounding, I checked out “Wiring a House: Completely Revised and Updated (For Pros by Pros)” by Rex Cauldwell. While the title could definitely use some work, it was absolutely the key for me to pass the homeowner’s electrical exam and complete all of the work safely. I’ve been able to save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars by utilizing the free resources of our local library. If there is ever a day where Allyson does not have multiple gardening books on her nightstand, I will be extremely concerned. 

Libraries go way beyond books these days. There are ebooks and emagazines, crucial for me to get all of the workshop plans from Family Handyman. There’s free internet and computer access, cheap printing, and even a fax (if for some reason you get trapped in 1992). Our library puts on events, like coffee or clothing swaps to promote community and a sharing of resources. Eventually, I’d like to work with our library to offer a class on budgeting and an intro to personal finance. 

Every time I enter our library I am amazed that such a beautiful place exists and that we all have access to it, and I encourage you to take advantage of it. It’s free, it promotes local community, and you can improve yourself or just get lost in a good book or TV show. Seriously, what’s not to like?

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