Coffee World Tour

This week I want to share with you a new weekly adventure that I have begun which involves one of my favorite things in the world. Coffee. It all started during a normal day at my work where I was chatting with a friend about cool coffee shop ideas. He mentioned that it would be neat to have a coffee shop that served coffee styles and flavors from around the world. Now, to be fair, we had no idea what sort of coffee drinks existed out there, but after a little bit of googling we found this blog post. There are definitely some intriguing drinks on that list of “19 Unique Coffee Drinks That Will Take You Around The World” (maybe I need to up my title game).

As someone who loves to make espresso drinks for Allyson and me every weekend using the fantastic espresso machine I found at my local Goodwill for about $15 (This model), I decided to try every coffee drink on that list. So over the course of the next 17 weeks or so (I’ve already completed 2 weeks), I’ll include a little review of that week’s drink at the end of my regularly scheduled blog post. To kick it all off, I’ll give a quick review of the two weeks of drinks I have completed thus far. 

Affogato. What a great start. Honestly, this one is pretty easy to both make and enjoy. I got some nice vanilla bean gelato and put a couple small scoops in a chilled bowl. Made a double shot of a local medium roast coffee and poured it directly on top. Honestly, this ended up tasting similar to our typical Saturday morning Latte’s as we tend to make vanilla latte’s in this fancy house. Not a big risk this first week.

Gelato and espresso, how could this not be good?

The coffee drink this week was not a guaranteed success like the Affogato. Koffeost is a drink from Sweden that consists of cubes of Finnish bread cheese in a normal cup of coffee. This one took a bit more work as I had to make the cheese the night before I wanted to enjoy the drink. 

My Finnish Bread Cheese prior to being baked in the oven.
Post baking is much more appetizing. This is a very mild cheese.
Slightly intimidating to take a sip of the cheese coffee.

Not going to lie, drinking this coffee drink took a little bit more courage. I mean, cheese floating in coffee feels wrong and I’m saying that as someone from Wisconsin. In the end, I didn’t have much to fear. The cheese doesn’t melt in the coffee, so it ended up tasting like a normal cup, with a slight indistinct aftertaste. Supposedly though, the true “delicacy” of this meal was the coffee soaked cheese, so I ate those up. It was fine…Not bad, but nothing special. It was pretty bland to be honest, as this cheese has an extremely mild flavor (which makes sense when you look at the recipe). If I were to do this again, or if you decide to try it out, I would find a recipe for the cheese, Leipäjuusto, that includes a little bit of sugar and salt. I saw a couple recipes after I made mine that included sugar/salt and I think that would have improved the overall flavor.

Overall, I have enjoyed trying different styles of coffee, including being forced to make cheese at home for the first time. I’m looking forward to next week’s drink, Türk Kahvesi, from Turkey. I’ll leave a quick review at the end of the post next week.

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