Two People Walk Into a Bar

And they say ouch…Yikes, that was a rough intro into the post this week, our project to fix up under our kitchen bar. If you remember from a couple of weeks ago, this is what the bar looked like when we moved into our house.

Also a big yikes.

And here is what under the bar looked like after we pulled those cabinets away.

And here is what the bar looked like after we fixed the floor.

Once we finished fixing the floor, it was time to fix the wall underneath the bar. Allyson, as the household design expert (despite Tuxedo’s best efforts), decided that a board and batten design would be the best, and I was more than happy to implement. Because we added brackets underneath the bar for support (this may have been overkill, but I got a little paranoid about the unsupported 18” overhang), I had to first add furring strips to the wall. This created a level surface on which to adhere the ¼” Sande plywood that we used as batten part of the board and batten. Don’t worry, that’s not an affiliate link.

I believe these were 3/4″ furring strips and I attached them directly to the studs for support.

Once the furring strips were in place, we added the plywood and trim pieces to complete the board and batten design and get it ready for painting. This included adding caulk to each trim joint and filling in and sanding all of the finishing nail holes used to attach the trim to the plywood.

Don’t worry, I took the sticker off and even hammered in all of the nails before painting.

Again, deferring to the design expert in the household, we chose Provence Blue from Behr Marquee in Matte (I’m proud to say I made the finish style decision). Even though the Behr Marquee was supposed to be a 1 coat finish, and we primed everything beforehand, I ended up putting 2 coats of the paint on, mostly to make the finish even across the whole wall.

After painting I had to do a few touchup items to finish the project off, like adding a board to match the cabinet finish on the end of the bar. I also had to add a small piece of trim to where the bar and wall meet and paint said wall. This involved adding drywall texture to the wall before painting. I want to get on the record here, texture on drywall is not my first choice, which is great since every wall in our house has it. It only took over a year to finish, but with those final touches we finally had a new bar sitting area complete.

I’m so happy with how it looks! Also, ignore the giant pile of lettuce on our countertop, we grew a lot extra this year and our friends are the beneficiaries.

The new bar area definitely deserved some upgraded stools over the 2 wood stools, office chair, and 70s style plastic chair we had there previously. Allyson found these great stools from Wayfair and they were a breeze to put together (again, no affiliation here). It’s only been a couple of days, but Allyson and I love the new look and the fact that we finally have a defined seating area in our kitchen. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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