What Were They Thinking?

For the past year or so, Allyson and I have thought “what were they thinking” quite a few times as we look at all of the work that was done in our house by a “flipper”. Some times, it’s relatively small things that I will end up fixing at some point, like not properly hanging light fixtures on walls so you can see the hole in the drywall behind it. Other times it is about something that is unforgivable and they should be forced to sit at a table for a week where everyone is bragging about their job and story topping (this is my own personal Hell, yours may be different). Take how they hung the lights in our bathroom for instance.

Looks great right?

Can you see the issue here? We didn’t see it immediately, but when we did it became impossible to unsee.

*Glass shattering* It does not look great!

How about now? They didn’t align the light with the sink and mirror, and it is infuriating. Obviously, it’s not the end of the world and is something that I’ll be able to fix pretty easily (we want a different light fixture anyways), but it is indicative of the sort of work the “flipper” did on this house before we bought it. Luckily for us, we have a DIY mindset and will be able to fix and learn new skills from every issue that comes our way in this house.

Now let me tell you about another issue we inherited from the person we bought the house from. Our house is small (by American standards) and there isn’t quite enough room for a kitchen table (or any table). Luckily, our kitchen has a big peninsula that has a bar top that is perfect for sitting and eating…except for the fact that the “flipper” put cabinets underneath that bar for no reason whatsoever.

The labeling is a bit excessive, but apparently the “flipper” couldn’t see it, so I wanted to be clear.

So obviously, we needed a place to sit and eat, meaning that I got to tear those cabinets out almost immediately upon moving into the house. Unfortunately, things are never as straightforward as they appear in this house.

Wall unpainted, floor unfinished, and unseen here, the cabinets weren’t secured properly so they were pulling down on the granite prior to me tearing them out.

That’s right, they installed the brand new cabinets BEFORE refinishing the floor (they did a poor job on both but I don’t think I’m ready to get into it now). So over the next couple weeks I’ll be detailing our attempt to refinish the floor that they left behind and matching it to the stain that they used. Did I mention that we don’t have the stain that they used? Yeah, it is going to be a fun project for sure. Stay tuned!

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