When One Thing Dies…

I have a confession to make. It’s not really a confession since everyone already probably knows it, but I sometimes do not know what I am doing. Case in point: the original hoop house for our garden.

It looks so good in this photo. Constructed with 2x4s, PVC pipe, and some conduit ribbing.

I originally built this hoop house last summer. It was born out of necessity, and unfortunately not a lot of planning went into its construction. Here’s the full story. Allyson and I had worked very hard building garden boxes and planting a bunch of vegetables in the yard of our home that we had just bought. After a lot of work the cherry tomato plants were beginning to bear fruit, and one tomato in particular was just about ripe. This thing was gorgeous, perfectly round and about to be perfectly red. All I wanted was to come home from work that one fateful day and pop it straight into my mouth. I came home and I will never be able to forget the disappointment as I realized that a stupid freaking squirrel had taken what was supposed to be mine. There it was, the skin of my perfect tomato just sitting on the dirt, destroyed by a tree rat. It was at that moment that I decided to build our hoop house without any research and really without any knowledge.

Honestly, the hoop house served its purpose. It kept the squirrels out and we were even able to use it this spring to extend our growing season a decent amount. Unfortunately, it did not make it through the year unscathed. Over time the Colorado wind and snow really beat away at the hoop house, and due to its poor design and hasty construction it didn’t stand a chance. Here’s our hoop house as it “stands” today.

There definitely seems to be a bit of narrowing between the PVC pipes.
Note the conduit ribs sticking out of the plastic a good two feet.
I’m pretty sure Allyson is standing straight here….

Yikes. It’s definitely got a really solid “lean with it rock with it” going on there. Needless to say, it probably will not last another season and it has become a pretty disappointing monument to poor planning for Colorado weather on my part. But as this hoop house dies, another will be born (well, not a hoop house in this case, but you get it…). This time I am spending a lot more time to plan out a greenhouse design that will not only extend our growing season and keep squirrels out, but will be able to withstand the Colorado wind and winters. With that, I present you with my plans for the greenhouse build that I will be detailing in the upcoming weeks.

This is the short wall of our new lean-to style greenhouse.
Side wall of the new greenhouse.
The tall wall of the new greenhouse. On the right will be a pretty sweet old door that we just picked up from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $35.

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