Spring Update

As Colorado fights its way through a couple small snow storms into Spring time, I wanted to make this week’s post an intro into the things that Allyson and I are hard at work doing and plan to do this summer. The main project that I have been working on and will continue to work on is of course the workshop. There are a number of big items that I need to complete this spring and summer in the workshop including laying out and building workbenches, running electric throughout, insulating and finishing the walls, finishing the exterior trim, and finishing the gutters. Typing all of that out makes me realize that I’ll probably be working on the workshop for another year. Still totally worth it.

Recently, I have shifted my focus away from the workshop in an effort to get a couple more pressing items complete around the house. First and foremost, I spent this past weekend building a new greenhouse for our backyard. This greenhouse will be replacing a large hoop house that we currently have in our front yard. The hoop house was built really quickly last year and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it was not done very well. A few Colorado blizzards and it is in some pretty rough shape. Now that I have a lot more experience building things properly, I’m working on a much sturdier and more permanent greenhouse in the back. As soon as that is complete I’ll be posting about that process.

Allyson and I have also started to work on a project that has been around since we moved into this house over a year ago. When we moved in there were cabinets underneath the kitchen counter. We removed those within the first couple of weeks, as our house doesn’t have room for a proper kitchen table and we needed to be able to eat at the counter. Since those first couple of weeks there has been blank drywall underneath the countertop, and we finally have a plan to fix that! Look out for some posts on how we had to refinish the floors underneath where the old cabinets were and our final design for the wall underneath the bar.

Right now Allyson has been hard at work planting all of our fruits and vegetables for the spring and summer season. We’ve already started to harvest some lettuce and are hoping to have peas soon. And as soon as the weather stops being fickle (snow in the forecast for next week, yay!), we will be able to transplant some peppers and tomatoes into the new greenhouse (assuming I get it done in one more weekend). Allyson has also spent the past couple of weekends installing drip irrigation to all of our different plant plots, so I’ll do my best to convince her to write a post about the design and installation of those systems.

There are a few other things I’d like to post about this summer, things like buying a bike off of Craigslist, how I need to be patient as a homeowner, and why having a DIY attitude can make life a lot less stressful. As you can tell, our household is extremely busy right now and there’s no slowdown in near sight. Thanks again for reading, I look forward to sharing our progress on these projects and more as the year goes on.

I’ll leave you with this (see what I did there?). Our Leaf can handle a lot more than you would think and will definitely be getting a workout this summer hauling lumber and compost for our projects.

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