Pretty quickly after getting the roof trusses put up on the workshop, I wanted to go ahead and add the sub-roof. The main reason for this is that I wanted the additional structure and support in place, as Colorado can definitely see a windstorm kick up. Using ½” plywood sheets it actually ended up being relatively simple to get the sub-roof installed. To be fair, it got easier as the day went on and I had a couple of friends come over to help me lift the sheets onto the roof and get them nailed down. Initially I used a couple of clamps as handholds on the 4’ x 8’ sheet and pulled them up onto the roof myself. A doable system, but definitely not the most efficient.

Right before installing the sub-roof, I actually installed the front overhang using 2 separate rakes that met at the middle peak. This added about a 2’ overhang and should help protect the front of the shed from some of the elements, while also making it look slightly less like a box. I did not add an overhang in the back, as I didn’t want to intrude into my neighbor’s property.

A view of the overhang added from the front of the workshop. I think I’m going to love the space granted by the double door opening.
To be honest with you all, this view makes the workshop look a little….lopsided. I’m sure as more features get added to the building and the landscaping around it I won’t even notice.

The other thing you may have noticed in the photos above is that we painted it! And by we I obviously mean Allyson, you can see her hard at work in the photos. As this building has been built, Allyson has decided to go with a modern farmhouse theme, which this white as the main color will fit into nicely.

One last image, from what is obviously the workshop’s good side. Luckily it is the side we will see most often from the back of the house.

It has honestly been really fun getting to write about this process that has taken months and will take months more. Looking back at all of the photos from the old shed to what this new workshop looks like really gives me perspective on how much has been completed, even if there is so much more to go. I hope you all have enjoyed reading along as much as I’ve enjoyed sending these posts out into the chasm of the internet.

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