This is what happens when you take a little break from working on the workshop to do other things…

Not exactly ideal working conditions.

Towards the end of October we got about an inch of snow, and as you can see here I had not done any additional work on the workshop since my last post. If anything though, this was a nice reminder to get back outside and work as much as possible, since the winter would bring a lot of days where I couldn’t work outside.

I think I’ve mentioned this previously, but I really only have weekends and the occasional afternoon after work to build my shop. It has been pretty difficult to keep the momentum going and make a lot of progress. Every time I start to get going and get on a roll I’ve got to put everything down again and spend 40+ hours in the office. I’ve got a plan to one day be able to devote as much time as I want to projects like this, but for now I’ll stay patient and keep sharing the one year workshop build (I better get it done within a year).

Anyways, back to the build. Allyson and I decided to stick with the plans for this next step and install LP SmartSide siding. It was simple, came in 4’x8’ panels, and was pre-primed which will make for easy painting when we get there. For this project I did go ahead and rent a nail gun from Home Depot. I think it ended up being about $30/day, and with some careful planning I was able to get all of the siding hung in one weekend, which was only possible with the nailer. Had I tried to hammer everything by hand I think my arm would have fallen off.

With everything hung up we ended up with a nice looking box in our backyard.

With the flap cut for my doorway it’s basically the perfect workshop, no windows necessary.
A few cuts with a jigsaw and the cube looks a lot more like a workshop.

Obviously the last photo shows a lot more progress than just the windows cut out of the siding. Next week I’ll talk about the process to build and install the roof trusses that you see above.

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