Floored By My Own Stupidity

Well, I figured out another penalty of the floor joist mistake that I talked about last time. Fun fact, laying out the floor with 4’ x 8’ plywood no longer fits perfectly when your workshop is 10’ 3” wide. It was a pretty unfortunate occurrence, but I was able to make it work without having to buy any additional plywood beyond the 4 boards called out in the plans. I won’t say that it is the prettiest subfloor in existence, but it should get the job done. I basically had to cut a couple of additional 3” strips of plywood to fit in the middle of the floor (represented by the red box in the plans below). Kind of a pain but not the end of the world.

Source: https://www.familyhandyman.com/sheds/dream-shed-made-easy/

Before I put the the plywood over the joists, I went ahead and added a feature not called out in the plans….

Polyiso rigid foam board installed between the floor joists.

That’s right, insulation! I I have plans to make this a year round workspace and decided that if I ever decide to heat it I should make sure that it is well insulated. After all, this is one of the best way to save on heating and cooling costs in your own home, so it should apply to the workshop as well. (https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/articles/reduce-your-heating-bills-better-insulation). I went ahead and installed a bunch of 2”x4” scraps in between the floor joists as ledges for the foil backed foam insulation that you can see in the image. It was extremely easy to cut the insulation into the widths required using a box cutter. I then used foil tape to seal up the gaps near walls and in between sections of insulation as best as I could and then called it good. A fairly small investment for something that I think will be worth it in the long run, as I want to work out here in all weather conditions.

After installing the insulation it was a “simple” matter to cut and install the plywood subfloor, including the extra 3″ strips caused by my previous joist mistake.

Subfloor installed

With the subfloor in it looks a lot like a makeshift stage at a frat house, but with a lot more work it will eventually be a workshop.

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