Saying Goodbye (to the old shed)

This thing is huge….

via giphy:

But seriously, the old shed in our backyard was 14’ x 16’ and right in the way of everything ever. I added clarification below since the shed and house were almost the same size.

So step one was obviously to get rid of this thing, which meant I had 2 options. Option 1, go all tasmanian devil on the thing and destroy it. Option 2, take it apart slowly and carefully in order to reuse as much of it as possible. And I chose….

….the lame one. I didn’t get that many photos during this process, but it was a lot of unscrewing. I’m pretty sure I removed at least 1000 screws.

Oh, and another thing, we found at least 5 lighters in this thing, an old computer chip of some sort, and a freaking bullet. You can see it in the lower left side of the bucket of screws in the picture. I don’t know what went down in that shed (besides just a shit-ton of cigarette smoking), but I had a legitimate fear of finding a dead body underneath the floor as I tore it out.

Needless to say it was a lot of work and some slightly terrifying moments of wondering if this was a Dexter situation (I think that’s relevant, to be fair I have not seen the show). Ultimately though I think it was worth it based on how much of the wood and old metal studs were able to be salvaged and repurposed. I think my wife would call me a minor hoarder, and there’s definitely a big pile of wood from the shed that “I’ll find a use for one day”, but I would estimate that I’ve saved at least a couple hundred dollars by reusing the old shed wood in the new framing and roof trusses of the workshop. There’s no need to go out and buy something new when you can reuse old items. This is something we live by, not just in house projects, but in our clothing choices, outdoor gear, tools, and vehicles (except the electric car, though I’ll justify that eventually). We can all save a lot of money and prevent a lot of waste if we just look to reuse before we look to replace.

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