New Workshop

Have you ever decided to do something that you’ve never done before and then not known where to start? That’s how I felt this summer as I was trying to start building a new workshop in our backyard. Things had seemed so simple as we walked through the new house and into the backyard, pointing at the perfect corner to build a new shed. I’m great at pointing, for sure, but the biggest thing I had ever built at this point would have fit inside the back of a pickup truck, or one of the giant normal SUVs that everyone drives these days. But there we were, talking about tearing down a humongous shed that was in a terrible location (blocking our bedroom window from all possible sunlight) and building a new, reasonably-sized shed in a much more discrete location.

As you get to know me, you may realize that when I get something in my head I will end up thinking about it non-stop. I also typically go waaaaay over the top of what I would say a normal person would do. So after a couple of days the new shed had turned into a fancy workshop. Insulated, electrified, fully finished, and with workbenches and storage built into the walls. Edit: Yesterday I decided I want to put a wood burning stove in there too. At this point it was all talk though (that’s a top 10 trait of mine) and I had to take those first steps, AKA the hardest ones. Luckily for me, my uncle-in-law is an urban farmer and had just recently built a planting shed that looked like a great style to me. A few texts and questions later and I was looking at shed plans from the Family Handyman magazine for the “2015 Shed of the Year.”

Family Handyman 2015 Shed of the Year –

I ended up deciding that this design would be slightly too small for what I was looking for, but luckily for me there were plenty of other options and plans to choose from on Family Handyman. After a little bit of searching I decided on the “2015 Shed of the Year” and was ready to begin.

Family Handyman 2013 Shed of the Year –

First, though, I had to tear down the giant shed that came with the house, but we’ll get into that next week.

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